Best Bali Wedding Photographer

Ladies, Gents, connoisseurs of fine wedding photography this one is for you! What I am about to introduce to you is nothing short of sensational. And a novelty in Bali. Michelle Pastel – probably the new best Bali wedding photographer. A true artist and a genuine master of his craft. A wedding photographer so good that his work will make you drool.



Emotive Photography – what ?

When I first heard about Michelle’s slogan: “emotive photography” I was wondering: What on earth would that mean ? Another marketing fad ?
Another Bali wedding photographer full of himself with a fancy tag line ?

Little did I know…

After having seen the first few of Michelle’s photographs I knew it was not just lip service.

Indeed, these photographs are different. So full of emotional content. Pictures that truly touched me. And pictures that will certainly touch you also.

But before I rave on, please see for yourself – seeing is believing: 

Infinity Chapel wedding photographer

This couple is obviously enjoying very much...

the best wedding photographer in Bali

The bond is electrifying !

Bali Wedding Photographer Michelle Pastel

Warmth - Light - Love !

International Bali Wedding Photographer

I can't stop looking at this...


Michelle Pastel describes his work as “emotive photography”. And he offers the following definition on his website:

e·mo·tive = the ability to arouse emotion

Indeed,  Michelle’s wedding photographs never fail to trigger an emotional response in the viewer.

If I were a bride and would see myself in such highly emotional photographs I may well start to cry. Cry tears of Joy.

Michelle always seems to press the shutter at that very right moment. And the moments he captures naturally cover the entire gamut of human emotions.

From hilarious and humorous situations to moments of bliss and joy. And everything in between.

Film Look Photographer Bali

Together from now on

Film Photographer Bali

The boyz are having some fun here...

Best Ubud Wedding Photographer

She is mine now !

Bali's best wedding photographer

What emotions are going down here is beyond me...


Authentic & natural wedding photography

The authenticity of Michelle’s photography is remarkable!

This may have to do with the fact Michelle does not do photoshopping. Rather he enhances every photograph by hand.

He lightens and darkens parts of an image. Which in turns yields photographs of great depth and high artistic value. Those are classic and timeless techniques which photographers have been applying since the early days of photography.

As a skilled artisan, Michelle turns your wedding photographs into true jewels.


Not how it looked like, but how it felt like…

I completely dig Michelle’s commitment to brides and couples.

He says:I do not photograph your wedding just the way it looked like, but how it felt’ .

And it is this distinction that makes Michelle stand out. And in my humble opinion the best Bali wedding photographer.


Beauty in simplicity


OMG - what am I signing up to here?

Best Ayana Wedding Photographer

Never without you...


Photographs made by hand = 'slow photography'

When I met Michelle over a coffee he explained to me that indeed he is always on the lookout for moments in which the persons he is photographing express a strong emotion.

He shoots film-style ! Which is not be mistaken with film-look.

What it means is that Michell photographs as if he would be using film. He carefully anticipates those fleeting moments and presses the shutter only in the very right moment. Not like digital shooters who fire indiscriminately and come home from a wedding with 3000 or more photos. Most of which are discarded anyway.

In Michelle’s own words:

Digital photography nowadays is a bit like fast-food. It is instant, yet tasteless. It quenches the hunger only momentarily, without providing real nutritional value. It’s cheap, but it’s mostly junk ! And it lacks authenticity.

Therefore I do: ‘Slow Photography’. Just like slow-food I carefully choose the ingredients: mostly human emotions and I take the time necessary to turn those cold instant digital photos into something of lasting value.

And I do this by hand for each and every photograph I deliver to my clients.


Most digital shooters will let a computer and a selection of instant presets determine how your wedding photographs will look like.

And while Michelle’s photographs are made digitally he carefully edits and enhances them to look like photographed on real film. In fact having seen wedding photographs made with real film I must say that Michelle’s look even better than real film photographs.


See for yourself:

Best Ubud Wedding Photographer

The genuine warmth of Bali


Live in the moment & indulge

Bali Vintage Film Photography

Us under the star of Bali


The Bali element is always present !


Another aspect I very much love about Michelle’s work is that he manages to incorporate Bali’s natural beauty without using clichés and overused motives and backgrounds.

He blends Bali’s natural beauty into his wedding photography. And he skillfully plays with the light.
Unusual angles and perspectives accentuate the photographs he creates.

But don’t take my word for it, see for yourself:

Best Wedding Photographer in Ubud

Only in Bali !

Great Wedding Photographer Bali

A legendary Bali sunset

Best Bali Film Photographer

An enlightened moment

Film Photographer in Bali

A stunning vista


Black & White Photographs

While I am personally not a great fan of black & white photographs I have to say that after seeing Michelle’s black & whites I can appreciate better why some photos work better with the absence of color.

Again, best to see for yourself those magnificent black & white Bali wedding photographs:


Bali Black White Photographer

A moment of intimacy

Black White Photographer Bali

The bond of love

Best International Wedding Photographer Bali

Together forever

Best wedding photographer Bali

Honey, look what's cooking...

Best Bali Black White Photographer

Just the two of us


Pre-wedding & engagement & honeymoon photography

Oh, and in case you are asking: Yes, Michelle also accepts pre-wedding / engagement photo assignments.

For this, he also works very differently from most other pre wedding photographers in Bali.

Most Bali pre wedding photographers are like a heard of cows. They all shoot the same photos and the same locations over and over and over…

Michelle’s approach is refreshingly different.

He will discuss every clients’ preferences and then arrange an individual photo tour that incorporates the locations and settings a couple wants to be part of their pre-wedding photographs.

He works with set designers and lighting assistants to create truly fairy environments. He also uses lots of props like natural flowers, Balinese themed décor, fire & smoke and much more.

All that combined makes a Michelle Pastel pre-wedding shoot truly unique.

He is also a true master of the light. His into-the-light shots are legendary.

Here are some examples of Michelle’s pre-wedding work:

Best Bali Pre Wedding Photographer

The joy of youth

Best pre-wedding photographer Bali

run away with me

Bali best pre-wedding photographer

In a sea of flowers

Bali Engagement Photographer

From Bali to eternity

International Pre wedding photographer Bali

Bali is as unique as we are

Best Bali Pre Wedding Photographer

A moment frozen in time


Only the very finest equipment & tools

Unlike many other wedding photographers in Bali who use rather cheap standard equipment, Michelle uses only the very finest photographic equipment.

Michelle is probably the only wedding photographer in Bali who does not use any zoom lenses. Only state-of-the-art fixed lenses.

He even goes as far as to often manually focus to achieve perfection.

As well as truly exotic photo gear. A 60-year-old lens from the Soviet Union or the world’s most light sensitive lens. Or tilt-shift lenses, Michelle goes through great length to craft distinctively different photographs.

Shall we see some more photos ?

Top Bali Wedding Photographer

I never want it to stop

Artistic Wedding Photographer Bali

Those forbidden fruits

Bali Vintage Wedding Photographer

Vintage !


Hand-made prints and albums

But what you see onscreen is nothing compared to the prints and albums Michelle creates. When we met he brought along a few sample albums. Wow !!

Unlike other wedding photographers in Bali, Michelle prints photographs also on textured papers giving them a tactile feel that is hard to describe. You have to see those albums and prints it for yourself.

He produces both modern, contemporary albums, as well as vintage albums that look like your grandmothers’ wedding album must have looked like. 

Mesmerizingly beautiful.


Is Michelle the right Bali wedding photographer for you ?

The short answer is: Probably not. Why ?

Michelle’s work does not come cheap. Hardly surprising when you know what goes into creating such outstanding photographs.

Consider the following: What looks to you as one day of work is actually more like 10-14 days of work.
Enhancing your photographs to perfection by hand is a time-consuming process, my Dear.

Which brings me to another reason why Michelle may not be the right wedding photographer for you.

Because a photoshoot will keep Michelle busy for 2-3 weeks he only accepts a very limited number of assignments. Maximum 2 per month.

And demand for Michelle is high. He has to turn down many requests.

If you don’t want to forge out two thousand dollars or more don’t even bother to inquire with Michelle Pastel. 

But if you see your wedding photographs as an investment into your family’s archive then Michelle may well be the best Bali wedding photographer for you.










  1. Rebecca and Luke Minte

    My husband and I had chosen Michelle’s elopement ceremony & photo tour package. And we could not be happier. Not only were the photographs absolutely amazing. Michelle brought us to many super gorgeous photo locations. And he made the photo taking so effortless. In fact, it turned out to be fun being photographed.
    We also very much enjoyed the experience of our small and intimate ceremony.
    The fact that the ceremony was 100% private and in a wonderful setting was important to us.
    We were extremely happy with everything and wholeheartedly recommend Michelle and his team to anyone looking for a great elopement ceremony with awesome photos. Thank you Michelle Pastel !
    Rebecca & Luke

    • Jameela T.

      Rebecca & Luke,

      Thank you so much for hosting your elopement in Bali. I am very happy to hear that you had such a wonderful experience. Hardly surprising when one sees your super gorgeous photos…
      Jameela Tey
      Chairwoman of

  2. Carlota L.

    Thank you so much!

    We had our pre-wedding shoot with Michelle Pastel and Valentino Ruya and it was perfect! The team was so fun to work with, we actually feel like we made new friends in Bali.

    The pictures turned out amazing, just what I was hoping for: natural, casual and reflecting our bond. David and I are so happy we found Michelle and about the privilege of working with his whole team.

    We had a half-day package but it was so full of events! Michelle made us feel at home in his studio/house, a lovely villa with stunning interiors and a nice garden. My fiancé could wait chilling in the pool while I was getting my hair and make-up done in one of the incredible rooms upstairs. After taking beach photos he let us use his showers to get ready for the next session.

    I would definitely recommend Michelle for anyone who is planning to have a pre-wedding or wedding in Bali. I’m already looking forward to having him taking the pictures of our big day!

    • James Wan


      I am thinking of engaging Michelle and was wondering if I could get in touch with u to know more about him before I proceed.


      • Jameela T.

        Hi James,

        Choosing Michelle as your photographer is probably one of the best decisions you made about your wedding in Bali. His work is truly remarkable and he continues to amaze everyone with his outstanding photography.

  3. monika

    Can you please send me contact on Michelle Pastel?


    • Wilten

      Hi Monika,

      Michelle Pastel is a great choice, we love his photos too! Just sent you an email, please check 🙂



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