Bali Photo Agency Trap

Bali Photographers work with tricks - be careful!

If good wedding photography and a stunning documentation of your big day in Bali are of great importance to you then you should read this and take some of the views expressed here into consideration when selecting a photographer for your wedding in Bali.


If you were to hold your wedding in your hometown or somewhere nearby you would almost certainly at some point visit a few selected photographers, talk to them, see their work and then make a decision. To select a photographer for your wedding in Bali is likely to be different.

Most significantly you may never meet the photographer you selected before the wedding and you will have to rely on other people’s recommendations and on websites to make your choice. Therefore we would like to give you some advice on how to select the right photographer to document your wedding in Bali.


What you see may not be what you get!

Some photography agencies in Bali give a deceiving impression on their websites.

Let me explain: Truly talented and experienced photographers are not very common and far in between.

Great photographers have their own styles and ways of working. Whereas their assistants or staff photographers in their company usually do not match the quality of the ‘master’.

Your photographer may just be an assistant!

Be careful with photographers who display their own photographs on their website but sell you in the end packages which are photographed by their staff / assistants.

Some photographers also present awards and memberships in certain photography associations on their website. Please keep in mind that this awards or membership in most cases only applies to one photographer and not to the photographs taken by their assistants or staff.

The skills, artistry and overall quality of the work does not match and often not even come close to the work of the ‘master’ himself.

Many brides have been lured into booking one of the master’s apprentices, believing they would deliver the same services and the same quality of photographs as the ‘master’. But they were disappointed when they received their photographs and found out that there is a huge difference in quality.

Remember, you can not re-take your wedding photographs! 

Therefore, you should always make sure that if you chose a photographer or a photo agency based on the photographs displayed on their website that the very same photographer whose work is displayed on the website will be the one photographing your wedding personally.

But of course if for you photography is of lesser importance and if ‘good enough’ is indeed good enough for you then you may be served well by the work and services of staff photographers from the big guys. There are also a few wedding photography agencies who consist of a team of photographers which all have a similar style and who will deliver you the same quality regardless of who will be assigned to your wedding, although none of them will match the artistry of the best photographers available in Bali.

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