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10 interesting facts about Bali Beach weddings

  To say that Bali beach weddings are a very popular choice for couples is an understatement.   In fact, we receive so many inquiries and questions about beach weddings in Bali that I thought it is high time to share with you all you need...

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Three reasons why you should not get married in Bali

We get a lot of inquiries from couples who wish to get married in Bali for the wrong reasons. Or who have a wrong understanding about regulations and laws for getting married in Bali.
Therefore, I thought it may be a good idea to write an article to clear up some common misperceptions about getting married in Bali.

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Best clifftop wedding villas in BALI

Many brides choose Bali as their wedding destination because of the countless spectacular wedding venues available in Bali. Clifftop wedding villas are certainly among the most stunning. In this article I will show you all there is to know about Bali’s best clifftop wedding villas

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The cost of a Bali Wedding

In this article, we answer our reader’s most burning question: What is the COST OF A BALI WEDDING? We will also compare various options and how you can make your budget get you exactly the destination wedding in Bali you were hoping for.

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Bali Weddings on Social Media

Social Media can be very useful for you in planning your wedding in Bali and connecting with other brides and couples. How ? Where ? Let me guide and show you the places on Facebook and Instagram that you should visit during the time you plan your big day in Bali.

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A Bali Wedding – The Essentials

Bali has become prime wedding destination that offers a plethora of options for couples. This tropical island has been a favorite of many couples from all around the world paving the way for its booming wedding industry.

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Best Bali Wedding Villas

More and more Bali wedding villas are coming on to the market. And there are some true gems among them. I am so thrilled to show you some of those fantastic villas that may just be what you have been looking for. And best of all, you don’t need to rob a bank to have your wedding there.

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Making the daunting task of arranging a destination wedding in Bali easy is what these guys are about. Whatever you envision your wedding to be, Mairah and her team of wedding experts will spare no effort to make it happen for you.

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Wedding ceremonies in Bali – short & sweet!?

In this article Jameela Tey, Bali’s leading authority for all things wedding, discusses whether Wedding ceremonies in Bali should be short and sweet You will also learn about how to make your wedding ceremonies in Bali more interesting and entertaining.

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Bali Wedding – where to start

This article is for those who have just started to research and plan a wedding in Bali. I will explain you about the different types of weddings in Bali. And all that you need to know. And the important questions you need to ask and answer.

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Bali Villa weddings – cheaper than you thought !

Spectacular views, complete privacy, unmatched luxury and comfort; plus complete freedom and individuality to design your wedding. These are the ingredients of a Bali villa wedding. This must be expensive you may think, right? I have good news for you: BALI VILLA WEDDINGS ARE NOT MORE EXPENSIVE THAN WEDDINGS AT OTHER VENUES

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Muslim weddings in Bali

Bali with its countless wedding venues and all other facilities and professional vendors is also perfectly suited for Muslim couples who would like to have an Islamic destination wedding here.

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How to budget for a Bali wedding

Brides, you have told me over and over that the budget question is the most important one for you. So what does it cost to have a wedding in Bali ? What are the real cost components ? So how to budget for a Bali wedding ? In this article I will explain all this to you.

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How to get legally married in Bali ?

Yes, it is possible for most couples to get legally married in Bali. And in this article I am going to show you how to do that. I will also tell you what conditions have to be met. And also advise you on the paperwork involved.

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Bali wedding planner

There are many, many wedding planners and wedding companies in Bali. However not all of them are professional and trustworthy. Therefore it is very important that you find a wedding planner you can trust. Let us find one for you.

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How to find the right wedding company in Bali ?

With over 100 wedding planners and wedding companies in Bali it is difficult for you to find the right one. In this article I will tell you what you should be looking for and how to find a wedding company in Bali that can provide you with professional and reliable services for your wedding.

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Wedding packages – what you need to know

In the article Jameela explains us about what you need to know when you sign up for a wedding package in Bali. And why such a wedding package may not be the best idea. She also explains about possible pitfalls and what to watch out for.

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Catholic weddings in Bali no more, or ?

The Catholic church in Bali, which has always been a bit more complicated to deal with than other religious institutions when it comes to the needs of international couples wanting to hold a wedding in Bali has raised the bar even further to make it harder, or in many cases even impossible to hold their wedding in Bali. Catholic weddings in Bali – no more ?

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A Bali wedding in rain – what to do and prepare

Even in Bali the sun does not shine every day and occasionally it rains. Be prepared…Therefor, we would like to give some valuable advice from a senior wedding planner in Bali on how to prepare to for rain during an outdoor wedding in Bali.

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