The best Bali villas for elopement weddings


Bali has some of the most stunning holiday villas in the world. Many of which have become hugely popular as destination wedding venues.

We have found a few smaller villas that are very affordable making them ideal for a beautiful elopement wedding in Bali.


Now you can have your Bali elopement wedding in the privacy of a beautiful villa. And so affordable that making comparable elopement wedding packages and hotels & resorts look like daylight robbery.

To set the stage let me show you some small Bali villa elopements.



Bali elopement in a beachfront villa



A beautiful Garden setting for Bali elopement wedding



Balinese inspired decor for small villa elopement wedding


The majority of popular Bali villas suited for weddings are larger villas with 3,4,5 and even up to 10 bedrooms, often with gardens the size of several football pitches.

If you have a larger wedding with 20,30 or more guests those villas are great value for money. But for small weddings and elopements, those Bali villas are often beyond the budget of many couples.

So couples who come to Bali were mostly out of luck finding a small villa where they can hold their elopement wedding ceremony.

But that has changed. Now there are several highly affordable small Bali villas available where you can hold an elopement wedding ceremony. At some of those small villas, you can even have a few guests staying with you.

We here at the SOCIETY OF BALI WEDDING PROFESSIONALS have spent considerable effort to find some smaller villas that are indeed ideal for elopements and very small weddings. And you will not believe how affordable such a villa wedding can be.

I have personally visited and scrutinized many villas and selected a few that meet the standards you would be expecting for an intimate elopement wedding experience here in Bali.



A small airbnb villa in Bali perfect for a wedding


Smaller BALI VILLAS for elopement weddings - what you need to know


While this article is written especially for elopements many of these small villas have more than one bedroom and can also accommodate your closest friends or someone from your family.

There are a few things you need to know before booking such a small villa for your Bali elopement.

Firstly those villas are holiday villas and booked out frequently. Some have occupancy rates as high as 80% or more. Therefore try to book as early as you can and please don’t be upset if the villa is not available on your desired date.

Please note that those villas are not serviced villas with staff on call. They are more like Airbnb accommodation or like a rented apartment.

While they do have kitchen facilities they do not have ‘room service’ or someone who can prepare meals for you. Therefore no catering services are available. However, food delivery services are nowadays very common in Bali and you can easily order food via your smartphone from one of the countless restaurants nearby.

The most significant condition that applies to all the villas is:  You cannot have a reception or a party at these villas.

That is because many of these villas are located in residential areas with neighbours who want their peace. These villas do not have a ‘party permit’. And this rule is enforced strictly.

You also would not want to be enjoying your holiday somewhere with noisy neighbours.

But of course, that does not mean you cannot have a lovely reception or party at all.

All the villas are conveniently located in close proximity to a variety of restaurants and bars where you can celebrate and party to your heart’s content.



small elopement in a Bali garden villa



Couple getting married in a small Bali villa


How long to stay at your Bali elopement wedding villa?


That is a good question indeed.

At the minimum, you need to book the villa for 2 nights. The night before the wedding day and the night on the wedding day.

Of course, you are welcome to stay longer and we can assist you in booking the villa for more nights.

Also please note that the villas are rented as holiday villas and many of them are frequently booked.

So if you want to book the villa for a longer period you may not get the date for your wedding because the villa is not available for the entire period you would like to book it.



A stunning Bali elopement during sunset


Your elopement wedding ceremony at a small Bali villa


Several options for altar & decor can be provided as per your preferences. 

You can also choose among several different wedding ceremonies. Included for your elopement ceremony is usually a Christian ceremony following a Christian liturgy.

The ceremony will be held by an English speaking celebrant and will be ‘short & sweet’. Typically lasting between 15 and 20 minutes.

If you want an Atheist ceremony or a spiritual Balinese Hindu ceremony that can be arranged as well.

For couples wanting also a legal wedding in Blai that can also be accommodated as long as you qualify for a legal wedding. In the following link, you can discover everything you need to know about how to have a legal wedding in Bali. And we welcome your inquiries.

Tipp: One of the most spectacular options for your wedding can be a candlelight ceremony. Let’s see some pictures so that you know why this has become a very popular option.



Balinese elopement wedding ceremony



Bali sunset elopement villa wedding



Bali candle light villa elopement wedding


I hope you have found this article helpful. If you want to see some options for such a lovely Bali villa wedding elopement please click the button below and we will send you some packages and further information.


Send me packages for small villa weddings in Baliallow us to help you finding the right options for your elopement


And as always if you have any questions please feel free to contact me any time. Or leave a comment below.








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