The short answer to this question is that a good wedding planner will pay for itself in terms of the money they will help you save. Whereas if you hire the wrong wedding planner in Bali you will pay dearly...


The cost of a wedding planner in Bali


One of the most frequently asked questions we receive here at the SOCIETY OF BALI WEDDING PROFESSIONALS is: What do wedding planners in Bali charge?

And is it worth to engage the services of a Bali wedding planner?

Unfortunately, there is no clear answer to this question. And in this article, I will explain to you why.

You will be also surprised to discover that in some cases a Bali wedding planner does not cost you anything but rather can help you to reduce your overall budget for your wedding in Bali.

Yet, there are also cases where engaging the services of a wedding planner may be a complete waste of your hard-earned money.

So, ladies & gents please read on to find out if you need a planner and what you have to pay for the services of Bali wedding planners.

So how much does a wedding planner charge in Bali? I will answer all this and tell you all you need to know to make the right decisions for your wedding in Bali.


Charges for Bali wedding planners vary greatly


The fees Bali wedding planners charge vary greatly. So does the quality of services they provide.

On the low end, it can be as little as a couple of hundred dollars. But for a large Bali destination wedding with over 100 guests where every aspect of the wedding is customized as per the couple’s preferences the cost of a Bali wedding planner can be also several thousand dollars.

Also, the way how the various planners in Bali structure their pricing & fees differs.

Sometimes wedding planners built in their fees into a package they will offer you. So, you won’t even know how much of the package price are planner fees.

Some charge a lumpsum, others charge based on how many guests will be at your wedding.

With some Bali wedding planners, the number of wedding coordinators they dispatch on the wedding day also influences the price.

Some Bali wedding planners charge different prices depending on how many vendors they need to coordinate for you.

As you start to see the matter of the cost of a Bali wedding planner is rather complex.

Because I know you want to hear a figure the best I can say is that you should expect to pay somewhere between 400 $ and 2000 $. For large weddings even more.




The cost of a Bali wedding planner may depend on the venue you choose


To add to the complexity some planners charge different fees depending on the wedding venue you choose. How can that be I hear you ask. I tell you:

Often a big part of the money a wedding planner will make off your wedding is not from the wedding planning fees you pay but from commission / referrals or shall we call it kickbacks they get when selling / booking a particular venue or vendor for you.

So whenever a Bali wedding planner is pushing rather hard for you to book a certain venue or a ‘this or that’ great vendor then there is a good chance their true motive for doing so is that they will receive a rather hefty commission if you sign-up with their recommended venue or vendor.

And this is also the reason why many wedding planners in Bali often make more money from kick-backs than from actual wedding planning fees.

But there is not only bad news guys. In some cases, the services of a wedding planner will not cost you anything and can even save you money in your overall budget for your big day in Bali.

Read on my Lovelies.




A good wedding planner may even safe you money


Many brides were very surprised that hiring a wedding planner does not necessarily cost money. Often a good wedding planner can actually save you money on your overall budget.

How can that be ?

Look at the following example: Let’s say you have a bigger wedding (50 – 100 guests). And assume the food and the drinks served on your big day are of great importance to you.

And say you found a caterer who has exactly what you are after. You love the food and also their drink options. But let’s assume that this particular caterer is more on the costly side.

And what if you have a wedding planner who based on their experience can find you a caterer who can provide the same great food and very similar drink options but for 25% - 30% cheaper than the one you found on your own .

With a larger wedding that can easily save you several thousand dollars. Voila, the wedding planner has saved you money…

Or some wedding planners have special arrangements with villas and other venues and you can get your wedding cheaper through them than booking directly from the venue.

And there are several other examples where a wedding planner can help you save money thus reduce your overall budget.

But as I said at the beginning of this chapter: you need a good & professional planner for this.

Because I have also seen countless weddings where the planner was a useless expense and cost the couple unnecessary $$$ in their budget.

If you want me to help you find a good and professional planner for your wedding in Bali please click on the button below and I will make some recommendations for you.


Help me finding a good WEDDING PLANNER IN BALIWe can recommend a good & reliable one for you


Needless to say that all the planners I am recommending are members of the SOCIETY OF BALI WEDDING PROFESSIONALS. Which gives you peace of mind that you will be not ripped off and not waste your hard-earned dollars.




Be careful with hidden fees and surprise charges by Bali wedding planners


Due to stiff competition among wedding planners in Bali many planners have become very ‘creative’.?

In order to make their offers look attractive, they give you a package that looks rather inexpensive. Yet, once you signed up there were 'surprise fees'.

We here at the SOCIETY OF BALI WEDDING PROFESSIONALS receive regular complaints from couples who booked a Bali wedding planner who looked affordable but after they signed up additional fees kept popping up. Especially after the couple had sent their deposit and was locked in.

Or couples found out the hard way that certain services were actually not included and had to be paid extra.

and the additional charges kept coming in …

Especially when a planner looks very affordable you should be cautious and make sure that you truly understand what is included in the package you opted for.




How much is your own wedding planning fee ?


Some of you thought that planning your Bali wedding on your own will save you money. That can be true, but it is not necessarily the most cost-effective way.

Because your own time also has a value my Lovelies. Or do you work for free?

If you unlike most of us do not need to do some sort of work and you have unlimited time available then maybe to plan everything yourself may be the best way. If on the other side you do some work and you make money then it could turn out to be more cost-effective to let a professional do the wedding planning for you.

It also depends on the kind of wedding you are planning here in Bali.

If it is a simple wedding with few or no guests then maybe your wedding planning process is as simple as finding one of the countless wedding packages available that best suits your preferences and your budget.

But emailing countless venues and vendors is also not for the faint-hearted…

You may easily end up writing literally hundreds of emails back and forth. If this is your idea of stress-free wedding planning then be my guest.

That is especially true if you have a larger wedding and you want to customize most aspects of your wedding.

In this case, it will be more cost-effective to let a professional help you instead of spending countless hours on conversations with venues and vendors on your own.




What do you expect your Bali wedding planner to do for you?


This is another thorny subject. Why ?

Because many brides are not exactly clear as to what a wedding planner in Bali is supposed to do.

I will publish soon another more comprehensive article about this topic. So I will keep this short.

Most wedding planners in Bali are not really planners.  They are more wedding package sellers. They throw a lot of packages at you in the hope that one will stick. Which works surprisingly well for many couples.

A real wedding planner though is supposed to completely tailor a wedding experience in accordance with your preferences and your budget.

Also, most of you brides & grooms are not aware that in case you have already booked your venue on your own and also some of your vendors such as a photographer, makeup artist, etc… then you will not need a planner.

A wedding coordinator will be enough. And usually, a wedding coordinator’s service is significantly cheaper.

In other words, many of you are wasting your hard-earned money on a wedding planner whereas in actuality a wedding coordinator may have been all you needed.

To find out if a Bali wedding coordinator is more suitable for you please read on my Dears.




Bali Wedding planner or Bali wedding organizer


In over 15 years with destination weddings in Bali, I have learned that many brides are not aware that what they actually need is not a planner but merely a wedding coordinator.

A wedding coordinator is all you need if you have already found your venue and possibly some or all of the vendors who will work at your wedding.

Because then a coordinator will need just need to make sure that everything runs as per the schedule and that coordinate the work of the various vendors involved such as the priest / celebrant, florist & décor, photographer, makeup & hairstylist and others.

In case you want me to recommend a BALI WEDDING COORDINATOR please click on the button below.


 Help me finding a good Wedding CoordinatorWe can recommend a good & reliable one for you



So, ladies & gents, I hoped this has helped you to understand the cost of a Bali wedding planner. And helps you to decide what is best for you.

As always if you have any questions please leave a comment below or send me an email.


Thank you!







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