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The formation of the SOCIETY OF BALI WEDDING PROFESSIONALS was prompted by the emergence of an increasing number of incompetent and unprofessional wedding vendors, who in recent years have given Bali a bad reputation. Because for brides it is almost impossible to distinguish professional service providers from the ‘lemons’ …


Therefore we present aspiring couples who wish to get married in Bali all the relevant information about a Bali wedding and reliable partners who can help you. Whether you plan a wedding on a budget or an extravagant event we have the right resources for you.

The Bali Wedding Blog is presented to you by  an informal group of like-minded individuals aspiring to assist couples from around the world. Our blog is to provide useful information about destination weddings in Bali. We are not a formally established trade association , nor are we a company or a statutory entity.

We also would like to emphasize that we DO NOT SELL ANY SERVICES OR PRODUCTS on the BALI WEDDING BLOG. Our sole aim is to provide guidance and free advice to those who seek information about weddings in Bali.

The vendors and companies mentioned and promoted on our blog are independent entities. What unites them is the provision of professionalfair - ethical high-quality wedding services.  They all have a proven track record and share our vision and commitment to professionalism and excellence. By engaging the services of any of our member companies you are assured of good services for your wedding in Bali.

We are proud to have been awarded the COOL BLOG badge from Bali-Indonesia.com



DISCLAIMER: All textual content and photographs shown on the BALI WEDDING BLOG are copyrighted. Please do not share or republish any information provided on this blog without the explicit consent of the copyright holder(s). Violations will prosecuted. Photographs of real Bali weddings shown on the BALI WEDDING BLOG are not necessarily from weddings that have been arranged/organized by any members or vendors mentioned or promoted on the BALI WEDDING BLOG. This blog's content and the information therein is presented to you under the alias of Jameela Tey ℠ ™

The Bali Wedding blog is fully owned by: Weinan Dalong Media Co.Ltd. / 渭南大龙传媒有限公司



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