Finally, after many years of searching: The beach wedding venue in Bali which many of you have been looking for.

I can hardly contain my excitement that I am able to present you a beach wedding venue in Bali that can offer you 100% privacy. No bystanders in their bathers - no unwanted guests, nobody casually walking by.

Just your wedding and your guests.


But let’s see some photographs from Bali’s best beach wedding venue. Because ‘seeing is believing’ or so they say…


Bali Beach wedding packages

white sand - turquoise sea - can it get better than this ?

Best Bali beach for weddings

tucked away from the crowds

Best venue for Bali beach wedding

The perfect setting for your wedding in Bali

married in Bali Beach

Just married... on a beach in Bali...


A whole beach all for yourself...


How is that possible and what is the big deal ? I’ll tell you.

The problem with beach weddings in Bali is that due to government regulations no beach in Bali can be really private. All beaches are public. That is the law.

Even a beach that is directly in front of a hotel is public. The hotel cannot prevent anyone from an adjacent beach to walk in or pass by. That means that you can at any time have bystanders or tourists in their bathers watching your wedding. Or worse messing up your beautiful wedding photos.

Also, because most beach wedding venues in Bali are part of a hotel / resort there are almost always other hotel guests close by. Sometimes too close for comfort, if you know what I mean.

Not so on this beach!

I hear you ask: ‘So how can it then be that this beach is private ?’

That has to do with ‘geography’ and access to that beach. Let me explain: The beach is located in a small bay, protected by rock formations on the left and on the right  And that bay is only accessible through a private property.

And that private property is part of a Golf course. Which is again very good news. Why ?

Because golfers do not go to the beach. So unlike in beach front hotels in Bali you will also not need to share the beach with other guests.

100% privacy for your wedding.

Oh, and did I mention that this beach is also among the most beautiful beaches in Bali. But don’t take my word for it. See for yourself in the following photographs.


Bali beach wedding venue

Can you feel the excitement ?

wedding beach Bali

Just the two of you - celebrating your love !

Champagne anyone ?


A REAL beach wedding


What do I mean by that?  Many wedding venues in Bali are advertised as beach weddings. Whereas in reality, the place for your ceremony is often 50, 100 meters away from the shoreline.

Not so on this beach. Here you are just a few meters away from the waterline. You can literally hear the gentle waves touching the sand. And you can stand barefoot on the soft white sand.

Can it get any better than this ?

Yes, it can !!


Bali weddings on a beach Beach weddings in Bali


Surprisingly affordable


In spite of this beach being so beautiful and unique for a wedding, there will not break the bank. In fact, it is not costly at all.

When compared to the many beach weddings that are offered by hotels & resorts in Bali it is much more affordable.


How about Facilities


Because this beach is not part of a hotel / resort or a villa you may wonder about facilities there.

Brides, we have you covered on that one too !

Because the beach is part of an exclusive golf course it has everything that luxurious resort can offer except rooms. And no rooms means no guests like in a hotel !

Except for a few golfers. But those golfers are rather elusive, a bit like a rare bird in the forest. You barely see them. And I assure you they will never, ever cross your wedding proceedings.

No rooms there ? Not a problem because countless hotels and private villas are available only a stone throw away.

Preparation rooms are also available where you can have your makeup & hair done. For your guests, there is also a large restaurant area.

And last but not least there is even a lovely backup venue in case it rains.


Wedding venues beach Bali

A stunning bride !

good beach for Bali weddings

Ideal also for small super casual weddings

Bali wedding on a beach

Great Photo opportunities


The perfect beach wedding venue in Bali ?


Not for everyone. There are few things you need to know.

Firstly, the beach is not suited for weddings with more than 20 guests… Well, maybe if don’t mind things to be a bit cramped you may be able to extend that to 30 guests - standing, not sitting. But for sure not more than that.

High tide: On certain days you may not be able to have your ceremony at a particular time of the day because the tide is too high.

However, that is not really a problem. As long as you can be flexible with regard to the time of your ceremony. On some days you may need to have the ceremony at noon, instead of in the afternoon.

So, if you are set on a sunset wedding on a particular date it may well turn out that on that day there is a high tide and you would need to set the ceremony rather in the midafternoon.

Fortunately, your wedding planner will know when the tide will be high and when it’s low and set your ceremony time accordingly.

Another thing you need to know is that you can not have your reception / dinner on the beach. Why? Because there is only a small pathway leading down to the beach. Therefore, it is not feasible to bring food and drinks there or set up tables down there.

Again, not really a problem. Because right above that beach is one of Bali’s most spectacular cliff top venues where you can have the perfect reception. Don’t believe me ?

See for yourself:


Bali New Kuta Golf Weddings

How about a dance at sunset...

Beach wedding at NKG

Perfect for your candle light dinner

Beach weddings best

Champagne is cooled already.


The perfect Venue for elopements


This beach in Bali is also an ideal elopement venue for couples seeking a romantic and affordable elopement wedding in Bali. Where else can you have an elopement wedding for under two and a half grand…

Hotels who want to sell you costly packages that include food and beverage for many guests and room nights. Packages for this beach are also available for elopements only, even without a dinner if you want.

Which makes those packages among the most affordable elopement wedding packages in Bali.

For elopement weddings, it is even possible to have a picnic-style ‘dinner’ on the beach. To see what I mean please see the following pictures.


Beach Wedding picknick

Indonesian Delights

Beach Wedding picknick

Cake & Coconut anyone ?


Lovely spots for great wedding photographs


I almost forgot to mention that there are various nice spots around this beach, on the golf course and in the vicinity where you can great wedding photos done. In the following please find a few examples to see for yourself:


Bali Beach

How about a tropical forest environment ?

Cliff n beach venue

Or a stunning cliff view

Cliff n beach venue

Perfect also for sunset photos

Cliff n beach venue

Just beautiful


If after seeing those fantastic photographs you have become interested in having your wedding there please let me know and we’ll send you a package specially tailored for your wedding at Bali best beach wedding venue.

I want this BALI BEACH WEDDINGPlease send me packages & prices

Ladies, Gents, Brides n Grooms, as always feel free to drop me a line or join us in our super friendly Facebook group: GETTING MARRIED IN BALI.


Happy Wedding



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