Cost Estimation Bali Wedding

  Due to a flood of inquiries for a cost estimation for your Bali wedding we have decided to close this feature – for the moment. However it is anyway to not possible to give an accurate  cost estimation for your Bali wedding because there are way too many factors that will influence the final price of your wedding in Bali. And as they say: ‘the devil is in the details’. For example Catering: The price per person from the same caterer can vary greatly depending on the menu you order and/or the drinks you plan to offer. Prices for venues also vary depending on the season and other factors. Another example one and the same photographer may have very different charges depending on what album you go for. HOWEVER, there is no shortcut for you to carefully evaluate your options and in any case there is homework for you to do. And you can get a fairly good idea of what will be your cost estimation for your Bali wedding by reading our comprehensive series of articles on how to budget for a Bali wedding. There we advise on the various cost components and give you up-to-date price range information for everything ranging from simple ceremony services to a guide of what you should expect for a lavish villa wedding or chapel wedding. Ladies, reading this series of articles will be your best investment in planning your Bali wedding.  So please grab a cup of coffee and start with: How to budget for a Bali wedding: And as always please feel free to drop me an email with specific questions you may have on your cost estimation for your Bali wedding. Please note that we receive more emails and inquiries than we are able to answer. We will try to get back to you but can’t make no promises on that. Happy Wedding – Jameela Tey ℠™

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