Bali Luxury Villa wedding

A Bali villa wedding - as good as it gets

Bali is no longer a “backpacker” destination and, especially after the added popularity from Elizabeth Gilberts’ bestseller ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ and the Hollywood movie with Julia Roberts, the island increasingly has been attracting a more affluent, sophisticated ‘jet-setter’ type crowd and Bali offers them loads of options.


These type of crowd expects services that are on par with what they would get in their home countries.  Unfortunately many wedding vendors may not be able to fulfill such high expectations.  So I would like to provide some information that will help you to select a professional and reliable wedding planner for a luxurious Bali wedding .

Be careful - there may be hidden costs popping up afterwards

Be careful for packages which seem “to good to be true”  as some packages are not what they seem, as they can appear to be cheap but often turn out to be more expensive. That is because once you have paid the deposit extras keep on coming… and costs will almost certainly increase dramatically…

Therefore we recommend using only reputable wedding organizers and wedding planners, such as the ones recommended through this website.

A luxurious Bali wedding is usually a custom design plan tailored to your unique style and needs.  So you can experience your very own dream Bali wedding.  

So if you want to customize your special Bali wedding day pay attention to the details such as a romantic venue setting, international catering, priest and legal wedding ceremony options, outstanding photography & video, comfortable transportation, accommodation for the couple and guests and maybe even a custom designed wedding website and much more.  

A private luxury villa wedding may initially sound expensive but when the couple plus some of their guests also stay at the villa – it becomes much more attractive…


Luxurious Bali villa wedding

Luxurious Bali villa wedding


Having said this, if you know where to look or have professional local assistance in organizing your luxurious Bali wedding here, you will find that Bali is still excellent value for money.

I would go as far as to say nowhere else in the world can you get such good value for your money.

However, very few Bali wedding organizers deliver a true one stop solution whereby the Bali wedding planner really takes care of the details from the moment the couple arrives in Bali ‘ till they depart… including VIP airport pick-ups, bali luxury accommodations, pre and post events as well as the Bali wedding day itself.

sunset at a Bali luxury villa w

Sunset at a Bali luxury villa wedding


If you want professional and reliable help for your villa wedding in Bali please click the link below:


FFREE advice for your Bali Villa Wedding


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