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Which bride does not want to look her best on her wedding day? Because a stunning appearance gives you the confidence for your big day. Therefore, most brides nowadays chose to have a professional makeup artist and  hairdresser for their wedding day.


And a large number of brides also invite their bridesmaids, sisters and moms for makeup and hair styling. So what is the cost for makeup & hair styling in Bali?

For most Bali makeup & hair professionals expect to pay in the range of 80 USD  – 150 USD for a one time makeup and hair that usually lasts between 60 – 120 minutes before the ceremony. Most of them offer cheaper prices for additional persons such as moms and bridesmaids.

Some also offer longer services in case you want to retain your makeup artist / hair dresser until the evening or have them already start earlier in the morning. The majority of makeup artists in Bali will come to your wedding venue and you do not need to visit them in town. Most of them offer trials – sometimes as part of their package, sometime separately.

We caution you to go for really cheap stylists because often those ladies are inexperienced and use cheap cosmetics. Many hardly speak any English. And worst of all may not show up on the day.

If you want to pay more than 400 USD please go ahead but be prepared that there is a good chance you are overpaying because I can assure you that for around 180 - 200 USD you can get an experienced, well English-speaking makeup artist with several years of experience with international brides.

You may need to pay more in case you also want to have spray-tanning or nail services as part of your beauty treatment.

For any questions you may have on the cost of a Bali Wedding – Makeup & hair please contact me if you want my recommendation for a good makeup & hair stylist in Bali.

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