Bali Hotel Resort wedding

Bali Hotel - Resort wedding


With Bali being the world’s most busy destination wedding destination it is hardly surprising that many hotels and resorts are now also offering wedding packages. Such packages range from 1000 USD in 2 and 3 star hotels up to 2000 USD – 3000 USD in 5 star hotels.


Hotels have inflexible packages

Hotel / resort wedding packages come with decoration, ceremonial services such as priest / ministrant and civil registry services. Many hotels also offer all-inclusive packages that include a photographer, a welcome drink and / or some drinks for the wedding toast. Sometimes a wedding cake and background music is also included.

Most of those hotels will also make it a condition that you book a minimum amount of room nights there. The exact conditions vary from hotel to hotel.

As always: the devil is in the details and the services can vary greatly between hotels. Some may offer really nice fresh flower décor others offer will give you fake, plastic flowers.

Some will have a bottle of champagne / sparkling wine for the wedding toast others may offer only a glass of fruit juice for the bride and groom.

Some may have real music ensemble with 2 or 3 musicians others may just play a CD/Ipod.

And that list of details is longer than just this. So you should be aware that you may sometime comparing ‘apples to oranges’ when you just look at the price of a hotel / resort wedding package.


We do not recommend that you take their all inclusive packages because the included services are often not of satisfactory quality. Even from 5 star hotels and very exclusive properties services such as photography, makeup & hair are often of questionable standards.


Bali Hotel wedding

Sunset over Bali


You usually get a better overall wedding when engaging the services of an independent wedding planner who will allow you to choose services that are either better and often cheaper. This applies to services such as Bali wedding photographyBali wedding makeup & hair, catering reception and more.


We do not endorse hotels and resorts that charge entrance fees if you want to bring in your own vendors such as photography, video, makeup & hair and other services. Of course a hotel will not allow you to bring in your own catering.

Hotels and resorts that force you to use only their vendors are unethical and do not deserve your business. Proceed at your own risk!!!

You should also read ‘A wedding is not a package'   on why those all-inclusive packages offered by hotels and resorts are not your best option.

Also  ' Professional rip-off  ' is a worthwhile read for those considering a hotel / resort wedding package.


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