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  Starting in the late 1980s, the 'cool people' began migrating west from Kuta and settled in and around the small Balinese coastal community of Seminyak. As classy restaurants, cafes and lounge bars began to mushroom, Seminyak eventually evolved into a dynamic and most stylish district of Bali. Today Seminyak is a catchall for the whole area between Kuta and Canggu. After negotiating a bit of traffic, Seminyak’s main street leads to Jalan Sunset, which takes you straight to the airport in about 45 minutes. The main street, known colloquially as “Eat Street or Oberoi street,” is the most famous and sophisticated dining strip on the whole island, the location of internationally known restaurants such as Ku De Ta, The Living Room and Hu’u Bar. “Boutique Street” would be another apt nickname for the district’s smart luxury brand shopping: everything from jewelry, shoes and clothing to furniture, home-decor and works of art. The area has also become a magnet for spas, health clubs and gourmet delis popular with small villa owners. This coastal strip’s superb and less crowded beach is where couples may choose a more casual wedding venue than the traditional mold of the big splashy wedding. Please note that most of the wedding venue options available on Seminyak’s shoreline are in hotels and resorts. Villas with direct beach access are rather rare. Wedding guests are often seen gathering for cocktails as the sun’s bright red flare lasts until the instant it melts into the sea, with the afterglow lingering for another hour. Despite its hip and trendy atmosphere, Seminyak is still a casual beach resort in its soul where the celebration of a seaside lifestyle can be incorporated into both your reception and ceremony. Some people complain that Seminyak is headed down-market, but it has always had a funky side with accommodation options ranging from star hotels to affordable, small villas and small resorts. However, please note that there are only a handful of large villas, suited for weddings in Seminyak. Most villas in Seminyak are more on the ‘bungalow’ side of things and thus too small for weddings.  

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  In Canggu, further up the coast to the north, a once quiet fishing village has metamorphosed into one of the most desirable areas for expats to settle on Bali. Less crowded than Seminyak, occasional rice fields and swaths of green can still be glimpsed in between stunning residential properties and larger villas catering to upmarket wedding clients. Canggu is the perfect balance between all the comfort and conveniences of home, yet lies in close proximity to some of the more tranquil stretches of Bali’s shoreline. With its coastal environment, sweeping seaside panoramas and legendary sunsets, wonderful opportunities present themselves for photo sessions while the evenings offer enchanting strolls along clean grey sand under stars. In essence: Seminyak is well suited for couples who like to have their wedding in a hotel / resort type of venue.  And who wish to spend their wedding days is close proximity to Bali’s best restaurant and shopping places. Couples who are seeking a villa wedding will find significantly more and better options a bit further north in Canggu, Seseh and Pererenan. Please see the following links if you wish to learn about other areas for your wedding in Bali:

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