Bali beachside villa wedding

Bali beachside villa wedding

Bali beachside villa wedding

Since they got engaged M & M were firm that their wedding would need to be close to the beach. Also they wanted the privacy that only a villa can provide.  After inspecting a few Bali villas they fell in love with this property because it was large, conveniently located and overlooking the beach.  A perfect location for a Bali beachside villa wedding. The overarching color theme for this marvelous Bali beachside villa wedding was white with yellow accents. And the bride stipulated that she did not want to have imported flowers anywhere in her décor. And I am very much on her side on that one. Why on a tropical island that has beautiful flowers in abundance would you want to use expensive imported flowers.  The dresses of the bride’s maids fitted perfectly into this color theme.  And the ladies looked stunning against the blue backdrop of the sea. The bride  also said she would not need any fancy, heavily decorated altar. Instead something elegant with a Balinese touch to it. The bride suggested that Bali itself, the villa and the beach were already décor enough. I agree with her. Consequently we used local bamboo for the altar structure and local flowers for the decoration. M & M wanted their Bali beachside villa wedding to be very casual and relaxed. The time was set for late afternoon.  Following the ceremony the couple still had enough time for photographs among friends and family plus some lovely shots on the beach. The garden of this villa is quite large. That allows for the dinner / reception to be set up on the opposite end of the villas lawn.  The bridal party was sitting on one long table facing the other tables where the guests were seated. The entertainment for the evening was provided by local live band and they well succeeded in drawing the guests to the dance floor. A highlight of the evening was when the newlyweds cut the cake and sparklers were going off in the background. The remainder of the evening was a relaxed celebration and the bride and the groom had plenty of opportunity to spend quality time with their friends and family.
Bali beach villas for weddings

Bali beach villa for weddings

Bali beach villa for weddings

Bali beach villa for wedding

shoes for Bali beach wedding

these are the right shoes for beach wedding in Bali

table decor Bali beachside villa wedding

Table decor

decoration Bali beachside villa wedding
decorations Bali beachside villa wedding

very typical Indonesian wedding decor

flower decor Bali beachside villa wedding Bali beachside villas for wedding
weddings at beachside villa in Bali

Wedding at a beachside villa in Bali

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decor of Bali beachside villa wedding

Ice sculpture decor of Bali beachside villa wedding

beachside villas for weddings in Bali


reception of Bali beachside villa wedding

Reception of Bali beachside villa wedding

Bali beach villa for wedding band for Bali beachside villa wedding dancing at Bali beachside villa wedding reception for Bali beachside villa wedding   If you also want a Bali beachside villa wedding please feel free to contact us and we will assist you. Or drop us an email for any questions you may have.   Happy wedding -  Jameela


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