Find Your Skin Tone to Achieve Perfect Skin on Your Wedding Day

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Although you might not think much about your skin tone, it’s an important part of your complexion because it influences all the makeup and jewelry choices you make. On your big day, you want to look gorgeous from head to toe, so read on to discover how your skin tone can make this happen. 

How is Your Skin Tone Different from Your Skin Type?

Although you might think that your skin tone is the same as your skin type, they are different things. Your skin type is basically the color of your skin, such as olive, ivory, or espresso. It can change, such as if you lighten your skin with quality whitening products. Your skin tone, on the other hand, is the shade of color just underneath the surface of your skin. It is not easy to notice but it influences what colors match your skin and it never changes.

How Can You Find Your Skin Tone?

There are three skin tones: warm, cool, and neutral. Warm skin tones have a yellow or gold undertone; cool skin tones have a pink or blue one; and neutral tones have either warm or cool. Easy tests you can do yourself will help you to find your skin tone.

1. Look at your skin in the sun. When you spend time in the sun, does your skin become golden or bronze easily? Or does it become pink and burn? If your skin has the tendency to become golden, then you’re warm-toned. Cool skin tones have a tendency to become pink or burn really quickly.

2. Look at the veins on your wrists in good daylight. Do they look blue? Then this is a sign you have a cool undertone. Do they look green? This signals a warm undertone. If you have blue and green veins, then you are neutral.

3. Look at your eyes and hair. Your features play a role in your skin’s tone. If you have a warm tone, you’re likely to have brown or hazel eyes with hair that’s brown, black, or red. Your hair will probably have an undertone of orange, red, or yellow. On the other hand, if you have a cool skin tone your eyes are probably blue, green, or grey. Your hair will be blond, brown or black, but with silver, lilac, or blue undertones.

4. Play dress up with jewelry. When you wear jewelry metals, does your skin look vibrant or washed out? If your skin glows when you wear gold pieces, they are complementing the gold/yellow undertone of your skin and it means you have a warm skin tone. If silver or platinum looks best on you, then you have a cool undertone. Again, if both suit you, you’re a neutral.

5. Hold a sheet of white paper next to your skin and look in the mirror. Make sure you’re not wearing any makeup. Does your skin look gold or yellow next to the white? If so, you have a warm tone. If your skin looks like it has a blue or pink tinge, you have a cool skin tone.

What Colors Match Your Skin?

Before your big day, you want to be sure that you’re wearing the right colors for your skin so that you look striking and gorgeous. When it comes to choosing the right colors to make you glow, an easy rule is that warm skin tones work with colors classically known as warm. These are earth colors, such as red, orange, gold, yellow, and brown. Cool skin tones work with cool colors, such as shades of grey, purple, blue, and green.

If you want to wear a specific color on your wedding day, such as a red lipstick, but you don’t think it will work with your complexion, don’t despair! You can still make it work by tweaking the color so that it suits your skin tone. So, if you like red lipstick but you have a cool skin tone, you should choose a red color that has a hue of blue in it that will complement your skin; on the other hand, if you want to wear green eye shadow but you have a warm skin tone, choose a shade of green that has a warm element in it, such as yellow.

Prep Your Skin Before the Big Day?

Once you’ve mastered the right colors for your skin tone, you should always ensure that your skin is in its best condition. This means adopting healthy skin habits, such as getting enough sleep and not eating inflammatory foods. You want the makeup you wear on your big day to look even more beautiful because your skin is luxurious and healthy.

Your skin tone plays an important role in what fashionable colors work best on you. By incorporating it into your wedding beauty prep, your skin tone will make you look like a goddess.

by Cassie Brewer 

About Cassie: Cassie Brewer is a makeup artist and freelance writer living in sunny Southern California. She writes about, beauty, fashion, diet and wellness in order to help others not only be beautiful on the outside, but radiant on the inside. You can follow her on Twitter @cassiembrewer.








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